If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. | Steve Jobs

“…Kathleen was brilliant in her suggestions for me, remarkable in her insights, and endlessly patient. To have this gifted artist design my website, I have to wonder: how did I get so lucky?”
: : :  Joan Barthel, Author, St. Louis, MO

“Well, the newsletters began arriving in the mail on Monday. They look great, thanks to you. I appreciate your quick turnaround, cool head and eagle eyes.”
: : :  Jackie Parker, Social Media Coordinator, Lift For Life Academy, St. Louis, MO

“You did such a good job on the conference program, I just wanted to let you know the rave reviews from the attendees and the federal government!”
: : :  Christopher Hund, MA, Senior Program Manager, HRET

“I love it! The sign vendor really liked it too, as did the architect, broker, and the rest of the Leapfrog staff. So another successful design by Kathleen Herring!”
: : :  Frances S. Margolin, Director of Operations, The Leapfrog Group

“Thank you so much for your careful, professional, speedy and patient assistance in bringing this project to completion, and for your guidance in revising the logo into such a polished and clean final form.”
: : :  Wendy Leigh Norris, Director of Communications, Cultural Policy Center, Chicago

“Kudos to you and results for us! The book will be available mid-month and we’ve already met our budgeted revenue goal for the month of September.”
: : :  Jennifer Pagan, Senior Product Manager, Health Forum (AHA)

“Well done and standing ovation! … Your quality is spectacular.”
: : :  Marshall Cohen, Founder and Executive Director, Lift For Life Gym

“We LOVED the programs! It was wonderful to be able to give such a great impression! Thank you for all of your help!”
: : :  Ashka Davé, Research Specialist, HRET

“Thanks so much for your superb designs.”  : : :  Paul Pennick, Editor, Bayard-US

“…thank you for recommending Kathleen—she has been a pleasure to work with.”
: : :  Sandra L Rials, Education Manager, Asociation for the Healthcare Environment of the American Hospital Association

“They are installing all of the wall signs today. It looks great already.”
: : :  Susan E. Van Kollenburg, Vice President for Meetings and Communications, NCA Higher Learning Commission

“Everybody loved them so much that the thing I heard most was ‘Could I have two?’ It was that good.”
: : :  Mary Sprague, Artist

“…booklet printed and looks GREAT!! Thank you for your hard work to turn this around quickly!”
: : :  Jennifer L. Shaw, Senior Project Manager, HRET

“She is very creative, meticulous, patient, thorough and easy to work with. …you get spoiled working with her, you get results and you learn a great deal in the process.”
: : :  Nancy W. Moore, N.W. Moore & Associates

“Kathleen exemplifies professionalism in both her creativity as a graphic designer and her execution skills in managing the final production of her idea. Results are not only beautiful when working with Kathleen, they are well planned and always successful!”
: : :  Mike Dillon, Graphic Arts Studio, Inc., Barrington, IL

“We are greatly appreciative of the high quality design, creative approach, and collaborative working style that we have grown to expect from Kathleen Herring.”
: : :  Carla Slawson, Vice President for Marketing, Recruitment and Enrollment Mangager IES Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Chicago, IL