Penny Candy and Halloween Posters

Penny Candy Poster

Penny Candy Poster was used as a marketing piece for a design firm and a printer. The candy was shot on yellow seamless. We set up an accurate red string grid, placed the candy and then removed the string and shot it 4 x 5. The penny was photographed separately in 2 1/4 and stripped together by the printer in the film. The final printed red grid was hand-inked on a piece of frosted vellum with a black and white photo stat of the candy underneath it as a guide for where to stop and start the lines. Tedious work in the pre-computer era! The candy is actual size on the final printed poster.

Could not find the licorice records that would unroll with a red candy in the center. They are a fond memory from Morganelli’s at the corner of 80th & Damen in Chicago in the early 60s. We agonized over how to spend a dime on their penny candy when visiting our cousins. Walking across Damen Avenue only added to the adventure! Photo by Earl Zubkoff.

Halloween Boo Poster

Boo Poster was a Halloween self-promotional mailing for a design firm and a printer. The entire back side was printed in a deep day-glow orange. The staff collaborated to decorate the jack-o’-lantern and it was shot 4 x 5 by Earl Zubkoff.