Mary Sprague

Mary's Transit Connect homepage

“I didn’t think the old one needed replacing and was worried that you were just doing busy work. Silly me. This is going to be way better. It’s fabulous and I’m loving it.”
: : : Mary Sprague, Artist, St. Louis, MO and Hammond, NY

“Well I finally had time to properly enjoy this beautifully designed website. Sorry I didn’t indulge sooner. This site was clearly created with love. All the invisible and unknowable steps used to bring it to life are hidden and all that is seen is pure delight. Great job, both of you!”
: : : Peggy King, St. Louis, MO

Chicken Really Fried on Transit Connect

Mary Sprague Rhinoceros! Gallery page

Warning on Transit Connect designed by Laura Thake

This Warning! (gorilla) side of the Transit was designed by my sister, Laura Thake.

Shown below is the first site for Mary Sprague.

Mary Sprague Home

“Kathleen’s work is the result of an extremely articulate well-trained mind under great inner pressure dedicated to terrific results. And she gets them regularly. She was my best student thirty+ years ago and is my best collaborator now. Just take a look at the web site she built for me. Thank God for Kathleen!”
: : :   Mary Sprague, Artist, St. Louis, MO and Hammond, NY

“I love, love, love your new site, and have posted it on Facebook for my friends to see. I love the rhinos in 2 and 3 d, and it’s wonderfully funny and well done. I’ve emailed it to other artists who are looking to make or improve their sites as a fine example.”
: : :   Laura Foster, Curator, Frederic Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, NY

Mary Sprague Contact

Trellis Art Designs

Trellis Art Designs Home

This site was recreated in WordPress using Portfolio+.
“Thanks, Kathleen, I love the new site!”
: : :   Diane Sauer, Trellis Art Designs, St. Louis, MO

Trellis Art Designs Gallery

Trellis Art Designs Portfolio Post Page

This is the previous version of the site.

Trellis Art Designs Home

“Kathleen is not only very good at graphic design and creating websites, she is wonderful to work with. She listened carefully, offered suggestions when asked, and in the end produced exactly what I wanted!”
: : :   Diane Sauer, Trellis Art Designs, St. Louis, MO

Trellis Art Designs Animals

Below is the “under construction” page which gave a hint of things to come.

Trellis Art Designs Under Construction

Joan Barthel Writer new home page

To understand what a marvelous designer Kathleen Herring is, all you have to do is look at the website she created for me: An editor in New York, who has seen many websites, calls it “a great triumph.” The director of development at Saint Louis University says simply, “I was blown away by it. Wow!” Kathleen was brilliant in her suggestions for me, remarkable in her insights, and endlessly patient. To have this gifted artist design my website, I have to wonder: how did I get so lucky?
: : : Joan Barthel, St. Louis, MO

(Joan went to her glory January 5, 2018. Site is no longer live.)

Girl Singer by Joan Barthel

Joan Barthel News

Sauer System

Sauer System has focused on cutting-edge products for the corrugated industry that increase productivity and provide a measureable return on investment. This was a complete redesign and reorganization to allow their customers to easily find information on specific products.

Sauer System Home

Sauer System Scrap Chopping

About Sauer System

Sauer System Corrugators

Susan Caba Writer

Susan Caba Writer Home

“Kathleen took my website from “under construction” to fabulous (and it’s not just me saying that!) in a way I never could. Kathleen is not just artfully talented—she’s clever, efficient and managed my tendency to procrastinate with firm good humor. And she handled the whole shebang, leaving no detail unattended. I couldn’t be more pleased.”
: : :   Susan Caba

(Site is no longer live.)

Susan Caba Writer Portfolio

Bill First WoodWorks

Bill First WoodWorks Home page New responsive site May, 2014.
The site is now easy for Bill to update on his own.

In April, Kathleen approached me about revising my site so it would be more responsive to mobile devices, including both smart phones and tablets. Since Kathleen had rebuilt my site in 2011, and I was familiar with her keen attention to detail, I was thrilled to have her update my site. It’s even better than I expected, and my clients can quickly and easily review my furniture on their home computers, as well as their mobile devices. Kathleen’s attention to detail is superlative, and I could not be more happy with the results! Within a few weeks of launching my new site, I landed a wonderful project from a client in New Jersey!
: : :   Bill First, Furniture Designer, WoodWorks, Chicago, Illinois

Bill First WoodWorks About page

Bill First Woodworks Tables portfolio page

Below is the first version of Bill First Woodworks.

Bill First WoodWorks Home

“I have worked with Kathleen on a few projects over the years and when I approached her about re-constructing my website, I knew she would pay attention to every detail from beginning through completion. During our preliminary phone conversations, Kathleen really listened to my concerns, made wonderful suggestions for the new site, and I was sure she was the right designer for me. I was not sure how Kathleen would proceed, but I was certain it would be well designed; and formatted to help my customers easily navigate through the site. The result: it’s very clean, precise, and shows prospective customers exactly what I do, and how to go about placing an order. I am very pleased with my new website and the working relationship I have with Kathleen Herring Design!”
: : :   Bill First, Furniture Designer, WoodWorks+, Chicago, Illinois

Bill First WoodWorks Accessories

Jeanne Robertson Illustration

Jeanne Robertson Illustration WP Home

In July, 2013 we recreated the Dreamweaver static site to WordPress to be fully responsive.

“Kathleen is an amazingly creative designer who brings the highest level of professionalism to every project. Her work reflects her nature; there is harmony, beauty, balance and focus in everything she does. There is no aimless chatter, nothing wasted and nothing beside the point. Nobody could set standards any higher than the ones she sets for herself.

I’m a believer when it comes to the power of visual images. We do judge books by their covers. We judge the quality of a product by its design, and we gauge the competence of an organization by its website. Kathleen took my jumble of portfolio images and created the perfect space for showing the art to its best advantage. Then she walked me through the process of hosting the site and making sure it was readily found in a search engine. Ten days later I had a valuable new client.

Artistry and attention to detail makes all the difference, and Kathleen is the best.”
: : : Jeanne Robertson, Medical & Veterinary Illustration, Apex, NC

(Site is no longer live.)

Jeanne Robertson Illustration WP Portfolio

Visual Art Jobs

Visual Art Jobs Under Construction

Splash page for a new site in development by the client. Image will be used for site id and favicon.