IES Study Abroad Catalogs and Brochures

IES Study Abroad Catalogs

IES Institute for the International Education of Students. Comprehensive catalog for use by study abroad coordinators to help college students determine program options.

IES Study Abroad Catalog Group

Individual catalogs from specific countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Ireland and England are freely given to students. Catalogs include program features, course listings, calendars, directors and staff info, student testimonials and more.

IES Study Abroad Brochure

Promotional brochure provides an overview of all IES programs to help students focus on an area of study or a particular city or country. Photos and messages from other students add valuable peer insight.

IES Map Brochure

Brochure introducing the IES MAP, an educational tool for designing and evaluating study abroad programs.

Mary Sprague

Mary Sprague Retrospective Catalog

Exhibition catalog for a 40 year retrospective show of Mary Sprague’s drawings and paintings. The catalog was sold in the four museum shops which displayed the exhibit.

Mary Sprague Tree Catalog

Exhibition catalog for Mary Sprague Tree Drawings.

American Plastics Council

APC Handlers Manual

Handler’s Manual for Post-Consumer Plastcis Recycling created for the American Plastics Council in Washington, DC. Covers and dividers were screen printed in black and made from recycled milk and water containers (HDPE). Illustrations by Stuart Armstrong.

APC Hands On Plastics

Kit for schools to teach kids about plastics recycling. Green binder and tabs are made from recycled soft drink containers (PET) and the purple carrier is made from recycled milk and water containers (HDPE).

Shop Recycled Brochure

Shop Recycled was designed to be the size of a checkbook so that the consumer can easily take it along when shopping to look up products by brand name and category. Wayne Vincent did the whimsical illustrations for the categories.

Keyes Condon Florence Architects

Keyes Condon Florence Architects brochure

A simple and elegant system for a premier architectural firm based in Washington, DC. Significant projects were featured on a single or folded sheet with photos, plans, renderings and descriptions. Proposals for new business were tailored to meet the criteria of the RFP, e.g. historic preservation, office, museum, university, etc. Project cards and bio cards for the team were assembled and wire-o-bound in house. Cost savings to the firm were significant!

Hotel Association of Washington, DC

Hotel Association of Washington, DC Menu

Menu for the annual dinner dance sponsored by the Hotel Association of Washington, DC. The theme was New Orleans. The courses of the dinner were each screen printed on a different piece of Strathmore paper, drilled and bound with a grommet device to make a fan.

Disney Invitation

Disney Invitation

Invitation to an exclusive event held at Disneyworld in Orlando during an annual meeting. Finally a real project that capitalized on my love of all things Mickey! We purchased stickers of Mickey in various poses and placed one on the printed yellow dot inside.